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Welcome to Silver Star Service Center, Inc.! We specialize in the repair and maintenance of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Saab, and Jaguar vehicles.

Our second generation family owned business has been serving the Annapolis area for over 30 years!
In addition to creating a personal and friendly atmosphere, we do our best to accommodate your needs. Please look over our convenience services and don’t hesitate to ask if you have a special need. Silver Star can perform all your car service and repair, review our maintenance services and ask about any specifics you need help with. Our specialty services will help keep your vehicle in showroom condition with an eye to detail.

Our mission is to offer you the best service at a fair competitive price, with integrity and honesty.


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Silver Star Service is here to serve you
At Silver Star Service Center, Inc., we have invested in the latest equipment and training to accurately diagnose your vehicles problems. As vehicles modernize with the introduction of technologies like parking assistance, adaptive cruise control systems, and the future of autonomous driving, you will need a service center dedicated to meeting the challenges these systems offer. Following trends closely and educating ourselves on the systems ensure we get back on the road quickly and safely. The following is a sampling of the routine services we offer, please let us know if you have a question we can help with.

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Whether you own a Mercedes-Benz, BMW or other fine car we follow the manufacturer's guidelines for preventative maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance is the corner stone to a long lasting vehicle. As the service requirements have become closely focused on the specifics of the vehicle and no longer a generalized mileage and time approach (3,000 mile or 3 months like years ago) you need a service center that will make sure your vehicle is receiving what it needs and when. This will keep your vehicle running at peak efficiency and most importantly will reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.

There are a number of systems that require preventive maintenance to prevent premature failure. engine coolant changes, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission and transfer case fluids are some. We will advise you on when and how often to do these things to keep the car going in the most cost efficient manner not to please our bottom line.

The tire on your car will last longer if maintained, they should be rotated and the inflation level corrected regularly. The tires on your car make a big difference in the performance and handling. When you need tire replacement it can be a confusing issue, with so many choices available. Let us help you decide what tire is correct for your car. We will not sell you based on our current sales quota or in house brand, but the right tire for you!

Your tires become misaligned over time due to many factors, road hazards and just plain use. Signs of misalignment include uneven tread wear, your car pulling left or right, an off-center steering wheel, or shimmy. A four wheel alignment should be performed once a year or if replacing tires. This is one of many items we pay close attention to since it will affect your driving safety.

The traditional tune-up has changed over the years as engines have become less maintenance intensive. We will advise you on what your manufacturers recommendations are and what should be done to give you the best performance and reliability.

Brakes are a vital system you rely on every day. The brake system should be inspected during routine maintenance and if you notice any changes in operation. The brake system fluid should also be changed according to factory specifications to prevent contamination and damage to sensitive components. If your warning light has come on or something seems a miss we will perform an inspection to determine the cause and advise on the proper repair.

Performing regular inspection and maintenance to your transmission will aid in extending its useful life. On most modern vehicles these service intervals vary from year to year, model to model, we will determine the correct mileage intervals required for your car. If you have a question or concern with your transmission please contact us and we can discuss what will best suit your needs.

Rough idling, poor acceleration, or a decrease in gas mileage are all potential signs of an engine performance issue (as are your check engine or service engine lights). We have the latest technology to diagnose and fix your engine performance problems economically. We also perform engine internal repairs as well as engine replacement.

With the extended service intervals on newer cars, we often encounter conditions which warrant more frequent oil changes. Driving in dusty or dirty areas expose your car to contaminants that can lead to premature wear. We can perform a basic oil service to keep your car in its best condition.

We offer State vehicle inspection to our customers on new purchases or change of ownership. We will review the inspection data to determine the real requirements for your car and make only the repairs required for certification. Don't forget we also offer MVA licensed tag and title so we can get your vehicle tags here as well.

Servicing your vehicles air conditioning system goes beyond simply adding refrigerant as implied in a lot of advertizing. Your vehicle has a sophisticated system designed to ensure multiple systems work together properly to keep you and your family comfortable and cool. When your A/C system is serviced, not only do we check the refrigerant charge, but we also test the switches, fans, compressor, valves, and other component functions to make sure everything works as designed to prevent premature failure of system parts.

Today’s modern diesel engines are far advanced from only a short time ago, quieter, more efficient, and much cleaner. It takes a combination of the right equipment and knowledge to maintain and accurately repair these vehicles.

If you vehicle has failed the MD state emission testing we can help. Please bring the failed inspection report in with the vehicle so we can diagnose the issue and advise you on the repairs needed.

If you are looking at a replacement vehicle a small amount spent now can avert the purchase of a lemon or save you money by correcting issues with the seller before purchase. We will put the car thru an extensive inspection process and give you a unbiased appraisal of its condition. We also offer state inspection and tag and title assistance!

Our Convenience Services Make Your Experience Pleasant



Silver Star Service is here to serve you
Silver Star Service is here to serve you


Early Bird/Night Owl Drop Off System

We all have busy schedules, so we offer an early morning and after-hours drop-off. We have a well lighted front lot with secure key drop system, located in front of our building.

Local Courtesy Shuttle

Need assistance dropping off or picking up your car? Our courtesy shuttle service will take you home, to work, or to the mall while your car is being serviced. We’ll also pick you up when your car is ready. (Note: Our courtesy shuttle is a local service. We usually travel within a 10-mile radius of the shop.)

Service While You Wait

If you prefer, you can wait while your vehicle is serviced. When making your appointment let us know that you will be waiting and we will make arrangements to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

After Hours Pick-Up

If you can’t pick-up your car before we close for the day, speak to your Service Advisor to arrange an afterhours pick-up. This secure service allows us to work within your schedule.

Service History/Records Maintenance

Our customer database system keeps track of vital information about your vehicle: repair and service history, service appointments, preventative maintenance , and tracks upcoming needed repairs. This system keeps us informed and up-to-date on your vehicle, allowing us to provide efficient and accurate car care. We also send appointment reminders and service recommendations based on your car’s records.

Complimentary Vehicle Wash / Vacuum

After each visit, we wash your car and vacuum out the front floors, weather permitting.

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Paintless Dent Repair

Silver Star Service Center - Paintless Dent Repair - Before Photo


Silver Star Service Center - Paintless Dent Repair - After/Repaired Photo


The Paintless dent repair system was developed in the new car factory to remove minor dings and dents that occur during the assembly process to restore a vehicle without the traditional grinding, filling and repainting of a body panel. The process gently massages the dent from the body by pushing it out in the opposite direction without damaging the paint. When done correctly it leaves a nearly undetectable repair without repainting. We can advise you on whether your car can be restored in this manner and the cost is substantially less than traditional methods of repair. But more importantly it leaves your factory original finish intact.

Wheel Repair / Refinishing

Modern alloy wheels although attractive can pose a challenge at times. Potholes can bend or crack wheels and cause wobbles and vibration. The elements take their toll on wheel appearance. Our wheel repair/ refinishers can, weld cracks, true bent wheels, and completely refinish to factory appearance, let us show you how.

Bumper Refinishing / Repair

If your bumper looks bad we can fix it, partial repairs to complete replacement and refinishing.

Headlamp Refinishing

We’ll clean up your car’s headlights so they are clear and bright again.


We’ll clean up your car’s headlights so they are clear and bright again.


The modern headlight lens is generally made of plastics, this eliminates frequent breaking due to stones etc.. but the lenses are subject to damage from abrasion causing the lens to yellow or become opaque. This is not only unsightly but it reduces the intensity of the light emitted from the headlamp and can be a cause for state inspection failure. The lens is refinished to remove the damage and then sealed to prolong the lens appearance.

Convertible Top Repair & Replacement

If you top is damaged or worn we can inspect and determine the best fix. If you top doesn't go up and down we can fix that too. From mechanical repairs to complete soft top replacement we can restore your car to proper order.

Interior Repair

The dash was blistered by sun exposure and surface was repaired and correct texture and color match.


The dash was blistered by sun exposure and surface was repaired and correct texture and color match.


We perform interior restoration repairs from upholstery repair to headliner replacement to keep your car looking young. Please don't hesitate to ask us if we can do it, we have fixed historic antiques to last year's models. The dash was blistered by sun exposure and surface was repaired with correct texture and color match.

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